These tales are taken from personal accounts, witness testimony, and convincing retellings. Any likeness is coincidental. For entertainment purposes only. Reader discretion is advised Deer Woman of Haskell The Deer Woman is a woodland cryptid from the eastern Woodlands and Central Plains tribes. I have always heard tales of thisContinue Reading

The porcelain thrones of OsceolaKeokuk Hall have finally achieved a royal flush, or lack of it. Problems with backed-up and unflushed toilets have reached a pinnacle as 7 out of 7 of the working toilets on first floor of the men’s dorm were full of un-flushed sewage. Out of theContinue Reading

Lonnie Stroud is a Recreation Assistant here at Haskell currently assigned to a staff position at the campus shop, Purple Threads. The following interview was conducted to familiarize campus with Lonnie as well as inform staff, students, alumni, and others about the campus shop and its upcoming sale. How longContinue Reading

Campus Dorms are about to shut down for winter break, and here is what you need to know: You will need to check out by 12:00 pm on December 14th. This means following your dorm’s cleaning procedure and scheduling a walk-through with the dorm staff at least two hours beforeContinue Reading

Aquarius (Jan 20 – Feb 18) Enjoy the company of those around. The seasons of closeness are approaching and I can feel your excitement. This holiday season have fun and enjoy all of the great people and relationships you have in your life. Pisces Feb 19 – Mar 20) WhatContinue Reading

These reviews contains adult language, bias points of view, and personal opinions. For entertainment purposes only. Reader discretion is advised. Son-in-Law (Spoilers!) Release date: July 2, 1993 Directed by Steve Rash Runtime: 1 hour 35 minutes Good Monster Grade: A+ Yeahh Buuudddyyy! Son-in-Law is the best Thanksgiving movie that youContinue Reading

The Haskell cross country season conference meet is just around the corner. Coming to the race is rival College of the Ozarks as they seek to take away the title away from the reigning champions. Asking the Haskell runners if they are ready for conference and what needs to be fixed before entering the race, MaxContinue Reading

On October 22nd 23rd, and 24th 2019, Haskell Indian Nations University hosted the Indigenous Just Transition Assembly organized by the Indigenous Environmental Network (IEN). Over 100 Indigenous leaders and organizers from around the country met to discuss the importance of making a Just Transition from an unfair, capitalistic, and carbon-basedContinue Reading

On October 14th, the Haskell and Lawrence communities celebrated “Indigenous People’s Day”, meanwhile, “Discovery Day” was being celebrated by knights, medieval folk, faeries, Norsemen, pirates and more at the Kansas City Renaissance Festival. Derived from the Discovery Doctrine, “Discovery Day” celebrates Christian colonization and the sublimation of nonChristian communities aroundContinue Reading