by Erynn Ducheneaux In the wake of the deadliest mass school shooting in U.S. history, Haskell students are curious as to what the Universities protocols are if this school were to have an active shooter on campus. Chloe Gunville, a current student at Haskell, states that she feels safe hereContinue Reading

by Allen Stephenson Here at Haskell, we’ve observed our American President say some rather questionable things to the press and tweet undeniably questionable things to the public world at large. While we ultimately don’t condemn or condone the president’s actions we can only help but wonder about the legitimacy ofContinue Reading

by Cody Vannaman I got the chance to talk with Noah Webster aka The Man With The Scraper. I asked him why he went out in the cold and helped scrap the ice off of other people’s car? He said, “It had to be done.” I asked him to walk meContinue Reading

by Cody Vannaman Haskell Women’s Basketball Roster 21. Tiana Guillory 23. Justina Coriz-Captain 13. Paige Dale 33. Darrian Diwayan 20. Chloe Gunville 30. Nykki Benally 05. Janee Bates 22. Sierra Penn 44. Keli Warrior-Captain 1. Jandra Levi 3. Lexi Kimball 40. Devon Spoonhunter 35. Caylee Lujan Managers: Alec Peehler and JakeContinue Reading

by Tiffany Blevins Valentine’s Day is really frustrating from a women’s perspective in regards to what kind of gift is acceptable to give a man. Every holiday I come across that includes gift giving is always frustrating in this way. Men are so hard to shop for. Everything they wantContinue Reading