by Chris Talkalai The name “Redskin” is a term used for Native Americans, but for some, they consider offensive toward Indigenous people. Recently, Haskell premiered the documentary, “More Than a Word.” It expresses the opinions of Native Americans toward the football team named, Washington “Redskins.” John and Kenneth Little documentedContinue Reading

In October 2017 Haskell Indian Nations University was award a $449,985 three year grant through the Office for Victims of Crime (OVC). Through the grant, Developing Future Victim Specialists for Indian Country, OVC seeks to further cultivate a workforce focused on providing services to American Indian and Alaska Native (AI/AN)Continue Reading

by Rashad Squalls Haskell Indian Nations University has recently undergone scrutiny from members of a social group by the name of Savage Family. Student Senate and Administration of Haskell University decided not to host a Youth empowerment program and panel to take place on March, 9 , 2018 for variousContinue Reading

By Diamond Williams Haskell Royalty Candidates for 2018-2019 answer the question: Why are you running for Miss Haskell/ Haskell Brave? Name: Troy Watterson Tribe: Bishop Paiute Class: Sophomore soon be Junior Quote: I running for Brave to be able to represent Haskell in a good positive manner and to beContinue Reading

by Kayla Bointy Haskell History was made on Februrary 24th , where the First-Ever Haskell Two-Spirit Powwow was held in Tecumseh Hall. The Indian Leader took to the crowd on their opinion of the turnout . For the first-ever Haskell Two-spirit Powwow; what is your opinion on the success? DoContinue Reading