The new FX series on Hulu “Reservation Dogs” breaks away from long-standing stereotypes and cliches and presents a realistic portrayal of Native American culture — authentic writing and creators who know what they’re talking about. The series follows four teenagers living on a reservation in Oklahoma. They work together toContinue Reading

If you have seen James Cameron’s “Avatar” then you have seen this movie, which only goes to show how unoriginal James Cameron is. Speaking of pretentious filmmakers, Kevin Costner is in this movie! He stars in and directs this movie. So it was his decision to show his bare buttContinue Reading

I liked this movie more than The Force Awakens or The Last Jedi, but just because something doesn’t suck, doesn’t mean it is good. “Jar Jar” Abrams is the king of making mediocrity seem like art. The movie is colorful, flashy, and sometimes cute, but there was not enough substanceContinue Reading