The Best Time to Come Gathering of relatives from across the nation Unity of dancers, singers, water runners and spectators  We all know this is the best time to come Pulling up in the car, I hear the drums The heartbeat that thrives the soul Approaching the circle I pickContinue Reading

A familiar place we have never been Classmates that become family and friends Squirrels that hop to and fro To classes and Curtis, we go Laughter in the night echoes across the grounds In the witching hour there are only ghost sounds Long braided hair and basketball We are trainedContinue Reading

Some have called me a rogue priest. They would not be wrong. The confines of conventional religions have confused me. I feel churches are overrated. The human experience is a fallible one. Corruption can and does occur in any organization of influence and power. The only way to truly knowContinue Reading

I was just a normal man, nothing out of the ordinary seemed to be destined for my life and with that I was content. I never feared the unknown since I never took the time to consider it, till one day… There was the latest breaking news crackling from theContinue Reading

These tales are taken from personal accounts, witness testimony, and convincing retellings. Any likeness is coincidental. For entertainment purposes only. Reader discretion is advised. The Christmas Visitor For so many Indigenous descendants, Haskell Indian Nations University is a joyful place. Students come here to improve themselves and honor their tribes.Continue Reading

Thanksgiving is a weird holiday for Indigenous people. We like the food but are not so sure about the outcome. The core purpose is gratitude, which we can all agree on. I wanted to honor my Indigenous blood by remembering a great leader. This Thanksgiving I write about Lozen, whoContinue Reading

Editor’s note: Please note that this autobiographical piece by one of our staff writers contains mature themes that involve mentions of depres- sion, suicide, racism, sub- stance abuse, nudity, prison, and sexual assault.. I was not trying to commit suicide, I just wanted to see if I could be hurt. Continue Reading