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Tribalism: Is it real? By Timothy Barber

  With Haskell being a university distinctly for Native Americans. Students from different tribes face discrimination amongst each other. Historically tribes did war with one another, but does this still occur in the 21st century? A student who wanted to remain anonymous said they “had to transfer out of a class one semester because of […]

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Strengthening Haskell’s Integrity: Lessons learned from the 2012 Academic Investigation By Timothy Barber

  In a 2012 report Haskell had been involved in an academic fraud case involving the Haskell athletic department during 2007 season, what has Haskell done to prevent this from occurring again? The Report Shaun Hittle, reporter for LJWorld.Com, wrote in January of 2013 that an “investigative report from the U.S. Department of Education about […]

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Haskell Students Share about Haskell Teachers who they Appreciate

Teacher Appreciation Week is during May 8th through May 12th this year. We asked some students who their favorite teacher is and why. Dominique Demmert (Tlingit), a Haskell sophomore, says that her favorite teacher is Nana Allison Brewer because “she really gets into depth about math, showing you different ways to solve problems.” Issac Johnson […]

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Up Close with the Students of the Year

Balancing grades, social life, and extra circular activities is challenging for just about every college student. Throwing a child into the mix and juggling multiple jobs could easily be a recipe for academic failure, but two student leaders at Haskell have worked hard at navigating their way to success. Sami Milk and Marcell Grant have been […]