Living in the 21s Century with the age of computers has taken over almost all art forms, as well as creating new styles in the age of Digital Media. Haskell are some of the talented native artists who have made the switch to digital. Roman Yearby, Choctaw and Creek isContinue Reading

  In a 2012 report Haskell had been involved in an academic fraud case involving the Haskell athletic department during 2007 season, what has Haskell done to prevent this from occurring again? The Report Shaun Hittle, reporter for LJWorld.Com, wrote in January of 2013 that an “investigative report from theContinue Reading

What is AIHEC? AIHEC stands for The American Indian Higher Education Consortium (AIHEC), which is made up of the nation’s tribaly and federally controlled colleges and universities. AIHEC is made up of 37 Tribal Colleges and Universities throughout the United States. “AIHEC’s inception in the mid-1970s is advocacy—telling the storiesContinue Reading