By Rashad Squalls Haskell Indian Nations University has become known for its unexplained accounts of supernatural occurrences. Over the years there has been sightings of spirits, moving objects, and unseen voices all around campus. Many of Haskell’s staff and students can recall personal experiences of bone chilling events. Elyse Towey,Continue Reading

by Rashad Squalls Haskell Indian Nations University has recently undergone scrutiny from members of a social group by the name of Savage Family. Student Senate and Administration of Haskell University decided not to host a Youth empowerment program and panel to take place on March, 9 , 2018 for variousContinue Reading

by Rashad Squalls Taken from our ancestral lands to the football field, American society seems to get a kick out of the public use of Native American heritage for entertainment. Native American heritage is held highly sacred to its descendants. It is very disheartening to see and hear rituals, names,Continue Reading