Student obstacles with housing equality

By Video Production 1 students: Jayda Loonsfoot, Jesse Resendiz, Kaiser Tsosie, Jacob Curtis, Hannah Grass


Haskell navigates to the Fall 2021 re-entry plan. The student body has faced obstacles around housing and a lack of communication with administration.

JAKOBY STUMP: Honestly wish there were more resources for students to like look forward to. I don’t like how it was mentioned that the students were just put into like a predicament of just “okay, you made it to campus, but you’re not allowed to stay on campus.”

Freda Gipp, a sponsor of student goverment, mentions improving the communication as many students who didn’t return were those of sophomores and juniors. Many are leaders of groups on campus which are no longer available to students.

FREDA GIPP: I think, and I know SGA, who I am a sponsor for now, you know they’ve tried to hold some events, and they’ve been semi-successful, I think, but I still think it’s also getting people to come out of the dorms sometimes and to participate. But it’s also about communication, like how do you get the information—and sometimes it’s word of mouth, it’s social media, it’s a bulletin board. So we’ve got to improve that so that, especially for students’ mental health, them just to have the sense of belonging and feeling good about being here this semester, because as you know the dorms are not filled with—you know we don’t have any sophomores and juniors in the dorms, and so that’s, that’s been hard. But I think overall, the sense that I get is kinda some apprehension about folks about coming out.

On and off-campus students have paired with student government to bring attention to the lack of accountability within the administration. Student body president Rebecca Villalobos hopes that this petition will help Haskell’s student body have a voice within the upcoming decisions that are being made about the Haskell community—hoping to furthermore bring the students and faculty together.

REBECCA VILLALOBOS: We decided to create this petition because everyone is supposed to be vaccinated to come back. This petition can be found under Haskell’s SGA social media platforms, and we highly encourage all students to take a look and share [it] with their friends. In the future, on November 2, we will be holding a zoom conference for off-campus students to get student input that we can relay to administration to further better the housing qualifications for spring 2022.

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  1. I believe vaccination is a must. This is for the safety of oneself and everybody, everywhere. We are in crisis mode now with covid19, and other virus.

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