Vaccine Mandate On Campus

Opening campus back up after being online due to the pandemic has been tricky as students are coming from across states to attend school. Haskell has been encouraging students to be fully vaccinated before coming on campus. The president of Haskell Office has recently issued that current students must be vaccinated by December 1, 2021. Haskell student Lexi Moon, had this to say about Haskell mandating students to be fully vaccinated on campus. “I feel that it wasn’t a big issue to me since before I came to Haskell I was already fully vaccinated. I feel like it’s a good idea if it’s going to help stop the spread of COVID on campus.”  

Haskell student, Molly Delacruz also stated, “I feel pretty good about Haskell students being vaccinated on campus because I would feel horrible if I wasn’t vaccinated and I got my roommate sick.” 

Do Moon and Delacruz think that fewer students will be on campus because of the requirement? Delacruz replied saying, “I’m not sure because if the students already on campus had to get the vaccine why move off-campus cause they got it?” Moon also responded, “I think it’s going to be the same amount of students on campus because of the incentive Haskell offered to students and also it’s a low-cost university so students might not want to pass up the opportunity.”

Does having Haskell require fully vaccinated students give students relief to be on campus? Moon says, “it does make it feel like it’s going to be safer on campus because everyone will be vaccinated and it’s a relief because they might have bigger classes or offer more than they did before.”  Delacruz commented, “it most definitely does give much relief. As we’re halfway through November, the 1st of December is coming up and I hope by then, students will be fully vaccinated to further continue their education.”

Pictured Molly Delacruz (left) and Lexi Moon (right). Photo courtesy of Lexi Moon

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