Small Town Meets Big City

Growing up in a small town then transferring to a big city to go to school is a huge difference for two Haskell Indian Nation University students. From the Colville Reservation, 17-year-old Tym Washburn and 18-year-old Marisa McKissen described some things they had to adapt to when deciding to attend Haskell in Lawrence, Kansas. When asked about what some things that had to adapt to Washburn stated, “in my hometown, you knew everybody and saw them all the time so it was rare where you meet new people in that environment,” Mckissen also responded, “trying to get used to the time differences with my family is one thing and just being away from them as well.” 

Have any scary things happened to you in the city? Mckissen said, “no, not yet, I’m glad that nothing has happened yet either.”  Washburn also responded with the same answer.  

Does Washburn see herself living in the city or back home? She stated, “in the future I see myself living in the city just because there are more job opportunities, and I just like the city more.” McKissen said, “I’m not sure, I do like being closer to events, but at the same time I miss being away from family too.” 

Photos courtesy of Marisa McKissen (left) and Tymseila Washburn (right)

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