Vaccine hesitancy

Covid-19 vaccination numbers continue to rise, with over 150 million people receiving their first dose; however, according to a CBS News poll, 4 in 10 Americans say they might get the vaccine or refuse it entirely

Alec Davis, a Junior at Haskell, explains his reasoning for not getting the vaccine, “I have had the chance a handful of times but just never took up on the opportunity. For instance, I worked night shifts when the Haskell clinic was giving out the shots.” 

He also explained how he has moved out of the Lawrence area back to his home, where he and his family would have to travel an hour to get the vaccine. They are skeptical about getting the vaccine due to some of them being put on pause in the past.  

On April 13, the Johnson and Johnson Covid-19 single-dose vaccine was temporarily paused. According to an article in the New York Post, six women who had received this vaccine developed blood clots, and one died. Now that the vaccine is back out, people have reasons to still be skeptical. 

Haskell student Taylor McMasters says that she has not received the vaccine either. “I have yet to receive the vaccine because I am unsure about it. I decided to take my time and see how others react to getting theirs, but the idea of getting the vaccine is unsettling for me.” She also said that some of her friends are very hesitant about receiving the vaccine as well.  

With the number of people who are hesitant to get the vaccine, the question that comes up is whether schools should require their students to get the vaccine to return? Alec Davis shares his opinion on the topic, “I do not feel that it should be required to return. There have been many colleges that have reopened since last fall semester without requiring the shot. These same schools are open and do not have any campus-wide problems related to the virus.” 

As the fall semester gets closer and students prepare to go back to campus, Haskell students are left wondering if they will require vaccination. While we haven’t gotten any answers from the board members, there was a Zoom call on May 11 for Haskell faculty, students, and stakeholders to comment on reentry plans. Hopefully, this call will lead to answers to questions like this and others that students may have. 

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