Eating healthy

Have you been struggling to eat healthier due to the pandemic? Haskell Indian Nations University professor Judith Gipp gives her input on the topic. “The pandemic is a very challenging and stressful time for many.  The stress we experience can impact how we eat, what we eat, when we eat, our sleep patterns, and our methods to engage in exercise.  If we can start our day eating well it will help us create a routine to get through the day, week, month, and beyond.” 

Judith Gipp also adds “A suggestion I have is to create a dietary routine, a routine filled with a variety of foods.  Try to build a balanced plate for your primary three meals as well as with your mid-morning and mid-day mini-meals or snacks.  Maintain a caloric intake based on your estimated energy needs and expenditures for the day.  Limit foods with added sugars, high sodium, saturated fat, and refined carbohydrates.  And look to fruits and vegetables, whole grains, reduced-fat dairy, lean meats, and plant-based proteins as a way to meet our macro- and micronutrient needs. Think of it in terms of variety, balance, and moderation.” 

For more information on how you can eat a healthier and balanced diet, go to DRI Calculator Results ( 

Featured Image of Potawatomi Chef Lorretta Oden‘s Three Sisters and Friends Salad .

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