Review team visits HINU following “vote of no confidence”

An “impartial administrative review team” is visiting the Haskell Indian Nations University (HINU) campus this week at the direction of Tony Dearman, Director of the Bureau of Indian Education in response to the Haskell Faculty Senate’s “vote of no confidence” resolution in incumbent University President Ronald Graham. Dearman’s announcement of the investigation said, “Our goal is to use this impartial review to help make sure HINU continues to function as a premier standard for post-secondary education in Indian Country while supporting the rights of students and staff.”

If HINU faculty, staff, adjunct instructors, or students have concerns they want the team to address, they have been instructed to send emails to Tamarah Pfeiffer [], Francine Jaramillo [], and Margaret Coffey-Pilcher [].

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