LKPD excited for a proposed new criminology program, faculty left out of discussions

When incumbent University President Ronald Graham came to Haskell Indian Nations University (HINU) last May, he brought with him years of experience — nearly 15 years as a Criminology Professor at Fresno City College as well as almost two years as Director of Criminal Justice at NW Christian University. Adding to Graham’s background, Daniel Burland, Ph.D. was announced as Dean of Students in early March in an email that stated, “Dr. Burland has over 20 years of college teaching experience, first in French language and then in the related fields of Sociology, Criminology, and Legal Studies.” The culmination of experiences in criminology is resulting in a proposed online criminology program at HINU.

“Our online Criminal Justice and Humanities programs are almost ready to submit to the Curriculum Committee for review, discussion, and approval,” said Graham in a memo to faculty on March 30. The announcement received criticism. “President Graham proposes new baccalaureate, masters, and Ph.D. degree programs without any engagement or consultation with Haskell Faculty Senate or the Haskell Board of Regents,” said the Haskell Faculty Senate in a “vote of no confidence” resolution passed just days later. The resolution included multiple allegations that Graham has not effectively communicated with faculty and has not participated in shared governance.

While Graham has not consulted with Haskell Faculty Senate or the Board of Regents, he has met with the Lawrence Kansas Police Department (LKPD). “We have had informal preliminary discussions with the HINU administration about a potential criminology program. As the primary responding law enforcement agency to HINU, we are excited about the prospect of being involved in this type of program and its potential,” said Patrick Compton, Public Affairs for the LKPD.

The Indian Leader reached out to Graham Wednesday, but did not receive a comment by publication on Friday.

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