Faculty senate votes ‘no confidence’ in university President Ronald Graham

April 2 — Haskell Faculty Senate unanimously presents Resolution No. 2021-01 to Tony Dearman, Director of the Bureau of Indian Education (BIE), stating, “Support for a vote of no confidence in the leadership, commitment to shared governance, a collegial culture of academic integrity, and transparent communication of Dr. Ronald Graham, President of Haskell Indian Nations University.”

The resolution alleges that Graham has violated shared governance, the Haskell Faculty Senate Constitution (2017), and multiple Higher Learning Commission requirements all of which threaten the university’s accreditation and future. Haskell Faculty Senate also alleges multiple issues with the incumbent president, like “[excluding] faculty and academic deans from critical decisions about dual enrollment, effective scheduling of on-line courses, and use of the limited full-faculty Haskell currently has.”

The resolution also addresses concerns for free speech and expression, saying, “President Graham has demonstrated disdain for collegial academic culture and the unique Indigenous character of Haskell, as evidenced in his disregard for academic freedom, the free speech rights of our students and faculty, and by the autocratic manner in which he seeks to run, not lead, Haskell,”

A total of nine “whereas” clauses lay out the foundation for the senate’s resolute statement, “And Now Therefore Be It Resolved, the Haskell Faculty Senate declares no confidence in either Dr. Graham’s leadership or his effective use of shared governance for Haskell Indian Nations University.”

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