Haskell Students Invited to Explore KU Graduate Program

March 18 — “We don’t want you to survive; we want you to thrive. That’s really what we are here about,” said Brandy Ernzen, Program Coordinator for the Indigenous Studies Program (ISP) at the University of Kansas (KU). Together, Ernzen and ISP Director Joseph Brewer II, PhD, held a presentation and Q&A for Haskell Indian Nations University (HINU) students who might be interested in the ISP graduate program.

Ernzen acknowledged that thinking about grad school could seem “scary” but said, “If you’re a junior, that’s not too early, and if you’re a senior, that’s not too late.” Graduating seniors have until April 1, 2021, to apply to the program to meet the priority deadline for the fall semester. The priority deadline allows students to be considered for departmental funding opportunities, but the ISP program will continue to accept applications after that date. Applicants are not required to take the GRE to be accepted into the program.

HINU students make up a large part of the ISP graduate program, averaging two to six students being accepted each year. Brewer said it is a “mixed bag” with how students choose to be part of the ISP program. Graduate students may choose to either get a master’s degree, graduate certificate, or take part in joint degree programs — programs like the joint J.D. Law and Indigenous Studies M.D. 4 year program or a Professional Science Master’s and Indigenous Studies graduate certificate program which allows students to choose their master’s program in combination with the ISP certificate.

Students accepted into the ISP program are paired with advisors that take an active role in shaping the students’ education. “We’re trying to be really thoughtful and intentional on how students are receiving advising,” Brewer said.

Ernzen said part of their work is connecting students to the wealth of KU resources that are “not always easily found or well promoted.” She said, “We are here at the end of the day—it’s for you.” Angelina Adams HINU Career Councilor, who attended the meeting, said, “They are people that when they sit there and tell you they are going to help you, they are going to help you.”

Featured Image of Joseph Brewer II, PhD addressing students over Zoom

More information can be found at https://indigenous.ku.edu

Brandy Ernzen — bernzen@ku.edu

Joseph Brewer II, PhD — joseph.brewer@ku.edu

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