HINU Summer 2020 Graduates

Congratulations HINU Summer Graduate Class of 2020!

2-Year Degrees

Associate of Arts, Liberal Arts

Natalya Smiley B. McMillian

Associate of Arts, Social Work

Nicole Charley

Associate of Science, Recreation and Fitness Management

Terris Trey Fields

4-Year Degrees

Bachelor of Arts, Indigenous and American Indian Studies

Hailee Vera Birdtail, Cum Laude

Nicole Charley

Starlatia Monique Marquez

Bachelor of Science, Business Administration

Bryon Nicholas Elledge

Colette Nicole Hodge, Cum Laude

Joseph Clark Singh, Magna Cum Laude

Whitney Denea Swaffar, Cum Laude

Antwon Keith Winn

Bachelor of Science, Environmental Science

Jamie Kay Colvin

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