The Best Time to Come

The Best Time to Come

Gathering of relatives from across the nation

Unity of dancers, singers, water runners and spectators 

We all know this is the best time to come

Pulling up in the car, I hear the drums

The heartbeat that thrives the soul

Approaching the circle

I pick a spot, the very spot for me to spend 

Lawn chairs, camping chairs, a seat for the weekend

A seat with my blanket gently placed over the back 

To warm and cushion this very seat

I see to write my name on a list, in exchange for a number

My number to hold and wear

I hear the speakers surrounding this arena shouting “1 o’clock grand entry” 

I venture to the car for the gear

Unpacking my regalia, grabbing the hair spray and comb. 

This is a process from head to toe

Keeping everything straight and inline is what I have come to know.

The Haskell Color Guard lining up 

I smell the fry bread grease

I see my dear friends 

Knowing I am going to make it on time, 

I am not running on Indian Time

As I walk to the East side, I take a deep breath in. 

Finally finding my place in line 

Knowing it’s time

Time to enter the circle

As I awaken, it was all in my head

I notice I am just lying in bed

“I thought this was real,” is what I said

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