Haskell Campus Shop Going Online

The Haskell Campus Shop plans on opening an online version of their store in the near future.

“My intern and I have been working on getting an online store going this summer. We’re getting very close to having it up and ready to go,” stated Lonnie Stroud. Lonnie is a Haskell employee who is currently detailed as the shop’s manager. “We’ve always had a high demand for Haskell apparel from alumni who live out-of-state, but they weren’t able to order anything due to their distance from campus and our lack of an online version of the store. With campus being closed the past few months as well as for the upcoming fall semester, we needed to get online in order to sell items.” 

As for what will be available online, “Inventory will be limited at first to just shirts, shorts, jackets, sweatpants, and hats,” Stroud continued. “A few accessories such as lanyards and license plates will also be available for purchase. Initially, only standard shipping will be available via FedEx [no overnight/2-day shipping].” As of yet, there is no official date as to when the website will be fully ready to go.

The physical store still remains in the basement of Tecumseh Hall, but hours and operations are limited. “For now, in-store visitors are only allowed in two at a time and must wear masks,” said Stroud. “They also have to set up an appointment ahead of time.” To do so, email Lonnie Stroud at lstroud@haskell.edu. Appointments to shop may be scheduled Monday-Friday from 10 am-3 pm.

The current COVID-19 pandemic has forced many businesses to adjust the way they operate. The Haskell Campus Shop is no exception to this change. Management is rising up to the challenge and making the necessary adjustments to continue providing apparel and merchandise to current Haskell staff and students as well as alumni.      

Be sure to follow the Haskell Campus Shop on Instagram @haskell_shop for further updates.

Featured Image of Haskell Campus Shop. Photo by Jevin Dirks

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