The Haskell Glow-Up Coalition

The Experience of attending Haskell Indian Nations University (HINU) is comparable to no other. There are many factors that go into this experience. The unique academic, and social atmosphere make up a good portion, but there is also a great deal to be said about the surroundings.

The HINU campus, established in 1884, is rich in culture containing architecture designated as U.S. Historic National Landmarks. The experience one gains from being amongst these 12 nationally recognized buildings as well as the approximately 640 acres of land they occupy  — including the HINU wetlands recognized as a National Natural Landmark — play just as important a role than any other in the overall experience.

This overall HINU experience, however, can be downgraded when the campus starts to show signs of wear and tear. Aging and maintenance are, of course, a factor for any campus and is managed wonderfully by HINU facilities. Unfortunately, there is only so much facilities can do amid their various duties to this magnificently active campus.

That is where the Haskell Glow-Up Coalition steps in. This organization, initiated by HINU instructor Tyler Kimbrell, aims to keep the overall HINU experience up to par by involving, who better than, HINU students and staff who utilize the campus day to day. The brilliance of this concept is the ability to respond to the observations of students and staff who might see the need for campus improvements that facilities might not due to their busy schedules.

The starting agenda for the Glow-Up Coalition has been based on staff and student run cleanup activities. One such recent cleanup activity has been in response to the naturally occurring fallen branches from the many robust trees throughout campus that signify HINU’s extensive history. It was important that this clean up be done while the winter weather was still active so that the new foliage could properly grow. Other activity goals in response to HINU’s prolific history have been to touch up, or glow up, the campus by maintaining building appearances, adding a community tree swing, and helping repaint structures in need.

Still in its infancy, the Haskell Glow-Up Coalition is a HINU community-based organization taking initiative to create and fulfill goals for the enrichment of campus life. The ideas being generated can only enhance our time together at HINU because this coalition is in essence by the students for the students. The possibilities are limitless when our knowledge is shared to build a better experience for the next generation to enjoy which is an integral part of Native tradition. 

Featured image of the Glow-Up Coalition posing for picture. Photo by Marklin Morales

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