Jude Thin Elk

The news of our very own hits tremendously for Haskell Indian Nations University’s community, but directions towards healing and rejoicing need to be lionized. On March 16th, 2020 the HINU campus experienced and received word of what no one wishes to hear, our beloved relative and Haskell student Jude Thin Elk suddenly passed away on campus.

The catastrophe created an uproar and sadness sweeping through the HINU community with this devastating news. We can remember and never forget this time of sorrow but may bask in the wonderful memories of getting to know this young man.

As we know him, Jude was here at HINU to pursue his education. When being accepted into this university you are not only becoming a student, you are becoming part of the Haskell family. This cohort of a family will always have a place for every HINU student on their journey. Jude’s determination towards self-growth and gaining knowledge as a student is not now and never will be overlooked. The Haskell family is proud to say he was here to better himself while proceeding on his educational path.

Jude also made friendships along the way. Many saw him as a person always smiling and laughing. Current student Trey Jimboy says Jude was someone he could always talk to and about anything. They met when Jimboy’s roommate brought Jude over, uniting them together. 

Jimboy goes on to explain his memories and best moments with Jude; one memory of Jimboy, his roommate and Jude just having good time together, enjoying each other’s company while walking towards Curtis Hall. These memories that were shared with this beautiful soul will not be forgotten. Jimboy says “I just hope that other people got to see Jude for who he was before passing,” and he wishes for everyone to remember, “that he was just a kind, relaxed person who always seemed to be laughing or smiling and not letting things get to him.” 

May Jude forever be rejoiced.

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