Socks and Sandals

A familiar place we have never been

Classmates that become family and friends

Squirrels that hop to and fro

To classes and Curtis, we go

Laughter in the night echoes across the grounds

In the witching hour there are only ghost sounds

Long braided hair and basketball

We are trained and educated to stand tall

Children of the Creator and great Mother

If only we don’t mess up at Brothers

Hand games and singing everyday

I am sad I have to go away

Make the grades and prove your worth

Getting ready to inherit the Earth

It can be easy to feel like lesser

We seek guidance from our ancestors

Find peace in the wetlands

Dance with a cute Lakota girl in the bandstand

Night conversations and the unknown

Some of us do not have a home

The magic of Haskell brings us together

Making good memories that will last forever

This is just beginning

Prepare to take life by the handles

I will leave Haskell grinning

As I remember all the socks and sandals

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