Students Staying on Campus

Click Here to view HINU’s official statements.

Click Here for information for students going home.

Please know that all correspondence from Haskell Indian Nations University, including their most recent statement is encouraging students with options of moving off campus to make arrangements to do so for the remainder of the semester.

HINU is acknowledging that not all students will have alternatives or feel safe leaving campus and are welcome to continue living on campus. Those choosing to stay should know the following.

Students staying are being encouraged to return to campus before Tuesday, March 17, the during the travel safety window outlined by statements from HINU. Once students arrive on campus they should check in at Stidham Union.

Students who are staying will need to be prepared for the possibility of being quarantined on campus and not being allowed to leave. For the time being, the campus will be undergoing isolation where the campus has elected to self isolate, off campus visitors will not be allowed dorm visitation, and students are strongly encouraged not to leave campus.

Current talks are that students on campus will be moved into two dorm halls. Questions about having roommates and other housing questions have not been addressed and will be updated as the Indian Leader receives information.

During the student address on March 13, questions regarding student services were answered. Students will continue to have meals provided to them and access to library.  Faculty will continue working, some telecommuting for their job. It is advised to minimize in person meetings and to reach out to faculty through email.

Students staying on campus should also attempt to eliminate ordering products from foreign countries, especially from countries with a high risk of viral transmission like China, out of consideration for the safety of the campus mailroom staff who handle each package. Students should also be aware that in the event of staff shutdowns, mail will not be picked up or forwarded until staff is allowed to return.

All students should consider where they will be receiving mail and making decisions accordingly. It is advised to seek out online options for documents like bank statements and taxes during this time.

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