Checklist for Student’s Going Home

Updated 3/12 at 11:50 am. Information posted by the Indian Leader is subject to change and will be updated as official statements are made by Haskell Indian Nations University. This information  is currently being curated from statements and on-campus meetings.

HINU is strongly suggesting students to have decided and made arrangements to either stay on campus or return home by March 17th. This four day period has been decided as a safety window for travel based on cases of COVD-19 spreading in Kansas according to Tonya Salvini’s student address. Here is a checklist provided as a summary of these talks for students planning on leaving campus.

  • Create an exit plan
  • Work with administration to execute plan
  • Secure belongings on campus
  • Sign out of dorm
  • Forward Mail
  • Financial aid address update
  • Set yourself up for Distance Learning Success

The administration is encouraging students to evaluate their own safety and create an exit plan to go home or another safe location to complete their semester online.

The HINU administration will help provide tickets and funding to help students execute their plans. Students should be in contact with Tonia Salvini,, to let HINU know their plans and to organize any assistance.

Salvini and Danielle McKinney also addressed student storage. Students do not need to travel back to campus to have their belongings stored. Faculty will have security with them and either live stream with the student or record the packing process. Students will not be written up for any contraband found while packing, but illegal items like firearms and marijuana will be turned over to authorities. Packed items will be moved to a storage location for students to retrieve in the fall. However, HINU is not responsible for people’s personal property.

HINU is only offering to cover shipping costs for students who are graduating. Students who would like their possessions should arrange to have their belongs picked up during the  four day safety window ending March 17th. Any belongings not  able to be taken at that time may also be stored till the fall semester.

Students who are currently on campus or returning for belongings should complete their room checkout process: packing belongs to either take or store, clean, check in room keys, and finish checking out with the Resident Assistants (RA’s).

Students should email their forwarding addresses to Althea Eaton at Addresses should include your name, street address, city, state and zip code.

The mailroom will be able to forward existing mail in student mailboxes as well as future letters addressed to them to the forwarding address provided. Students should know that packages from UPS and FedEx cannot be forwarded to a P.O. Box.

Students should consider where they will receive mail and making decisions accordingly. It is advised to seek out online options for documents like bank statements and taxes during this time.

Students should also register for Electronic Fund Transfers (EFT) as well as providing the bursar,; financial aid; and the student bank,, with their forwarding address to receive scholarships, work study, and other payments.

Once students have their living situation settled, they should prepare themselves for being academically successful with distance learning. (A future post will be linked here).

Featured Image of Tonia Salvini addressing students by Zachary Arquette

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