Domestic Abuse/Violence

According to WebMD, domestic abuse isn’t always obvious to spot; many things can lead up to the violence. It can start simply  with controlling a partner’s mind and emotions to being physically controlling and violent.

Signs to be aware of: 

  • Being afraid of your partner/spouse
  • Your partner/spouse bullies, threatens and controls you, accuses you of cheating, blames you for the abuse, criticizes you, tells you what to wear or how to look, threatens to kill you or a loved one, throws things or punches a wall when angry, or yells at you and makes you feel small
  • Controls your money: Keeps cash and cards from you, makes you explain every dollar spent, or keeps you from working or getting the job you want
  • Your partner/spouse cuts you off from family and friends, keeps a close account of you, needs to know where you always are, or makes you ask for permission to see someone
  • Your partner physically abuses you; abandons you in unknown places; attacks you with weapons; keeps food, drinks and medical care from you; locks you in or out of the house; or punches, pushes, kicks, bites or pulls hair
  • Your Partner sexually abuses you, forces youinto sex or sexual acts, makes you feel like you owe them sex, makes you dress or act sexual, refuses to wear condom or use birth control, or tries to give you an STD

Some signs to spot abuse in others:

  • Excuses for injuries
  • Personality changes like low self-esteem in someone who was always confident.
  • Constantly checking in with their partner.
  • Overly worried about pleasing their partner.
  • Skipping out on work, school, or social outings for no clear reason.
  • Wearing clothes that don’t fit the season like long sleeves in summer to cover bruises.

Domestic Abuse Hotlines in the Lawrence community and national areas:

The National Domestic Violence Hotline at 1-800-799-SAFE (1-800-799-7233).


Haskell Health Center (785) 843-3750

The Willow Domestic Violence Center (785) 843-3333

Headquarters Counseling Center 24/7 Support (785) 841-2345 (Lawrence)

Protection From Abuse Order, the Clerk of the District Court at (785) 832-5256.

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