The Unsung Heroes of Curtis Hall

Being hungry sucks. I am grateful for the Curtis Hall staff and the food they prepare. In my life I have gone without; I have stolen food and eaten out of the trash. Life can be hard and the world can get cruel. I am all the more appreciative of having a hot, healthy, and delicious meal at Curtis Hall. For someone that does not have a home, at least I can enjoy, what I feel, is the best home cooking in Lawrence.

One of the best aspects of Haskell Indian Nations University is the Curtis Hall cuisine and their stellar staff. The workers in Curtis Hall do not get enough credit. These people have been working, cooking, and serving for many years. They have the recipes down to a science. They arrive on campus around 5 am, when most of us are still asleep, and they get to work.  Sometimes the weather does not permit classes to be held, and these essential staff members brave the elements so we may be nourished.

A great many thanks is owed to Margaret Wermy, Colin Medicinehorse, Cheryl Gillespie, Richard Allen, Henry Pohocsucut, Jason, Pat Thompson, Nia Schnexider, Debbie Griffin, Roberta Kay and Barbara Stumblingbear for always making us feel at home. I know they have brightened many a dark day for me personally. Many are people behind the scenes that we never see. Nonetheless, they do their part for us; cooking, lifting, opening, and cleaning are not the most luxurious of tasks, but they do them, and they do them for us. I think sometimes as students we forget these saints of scrumptiousness. Our lives are so focused on working, studying, and succeeding that we forget that some of the loudest voices cheering us on are the same ones that fill our bellies.

I have never been disappointed with a Curtis Hall breakfast, and I have these special individuals to thank for that. The food at Curtis is diverse, abundant, and made with love. The pizza always hits the spot along with side dishes like mozzarella sticks, jalapeño poppers, and mashed potatoes.  I could not ask for more. There is so much on the Curtis menu that is delectable and delicious.  The desserts are to die for. I give special praise to the magic bars, “better than sex” cake, and dirt pudding.  There is some evidence for the freshman fifteen myth and it has to do with the excellent spread that Curtis Hall produces.

Just writing this article has made me very hungry and you know what?  I am heading to Curtis right now. I am trying to lose weight, but they make it difficult to only stick to the salad bar.  Thank you Curtis Hall staff! Keep up the great work! It is noticed.

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