Student Retention and Attraction

To keep students at Haskell until they complete their two year or four-year degrees, I would recommend uniting student life and offering a wider variety of bachelor degrees.  In order to attract students here until their graduations I would suggest having a Master’s Degree program, Changing the name of the school, and admitting Polynesian and Maori people.  These are some far out ideas, but out-of-the-box thinking is good.

Student life is lonely.  Many people have segregated into groups and small cliques, some of which participate in damaging activity.  As such, there is not a uniting thread amongst students. I would suggest an increased amount of school sponsored events like concerts, proms, and parties.

Subsequently, offering more bachelor’s degrees would be progressive.  We have Environmental Science, AIS, Business, and Elementary Education.  I would prescribe more programs that cater to the sovereignty of Indian Country like health care and medicine, biological science, and technology.  

We could be leaders in health care if we exercised our sovereignty and capital; stem cell research and application, regenerative medicine, and DNA manipulation could be some degrees.  Likewise, we could advance the world by making the ethical and responsible choice to implement the use of cloning in order to restore species that have gone exist because of mankind. (not like Jurassic Park, I’m serious)

Offering Masters Degrees would be key in the longevity of a student’s education.  Additionally, it would also create stronger and more prominent leaders.  

The name of the school is dated.  We should drop the “Indian” and replace it with Indigenous.  I think it would improve moral and help bring our true identities back.  Then we could allow students like Polynesians, Canadians, and transfer students from Indigenous communities here.  We are The People and should be all inclusive. If Haskell wants to change,then I believe some of these suggestions will be helpful.

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  1. I disagree with everything in the article. PERIOD!

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