“Main” Problems

Haskell Indian Nations University’s plumbing can necessitate the water main for the entire campus to be turned off when working on a single building’s plumbing. This weekend, attempts to fix plumbing in Navarre Hall required a projected two hour window for repairs. The reality was that campus water was shut off until 12 pm — 3 hours past the 7 am – 9 am window.

Curtis Hall, the student cafeteria, could only provide a partial menu that morning — without water they couldn’t make gravy or wash dishes. This impacted their cooks and bakers. Students were given disposable plates, cups, and cutlery to cut down on backed up dishes as well as an assortment of bottled beverages since the beverage dispensers weren’t working.

What worried students the most was their inability to shower, and after the first few visits, not having access to a clean toilet. Students were actively checking water taps to see if the water had been restored. It was a literal relief for some when they were.

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  1. “Literal relief for some’ lmao.

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