Haskell Visited by Chaney

A Night with Chris Chaney — Haskell’s event welcoming Chris Chaney, Senior Counsel for Law Enforcement and Information Sharing, part of the U.S. Department of Justice’s Office of Tribal Justice brought students and community in to discuss national crime information, including the Tribal Access Program (TAP). The event promised knowledge, door prizes and pizza.

Chaney, an enrolled member of the Seneca-Cayuga Nation, said he considered it an honor to be here, and wanted to thank Haskell Indian Nations University for asking him to come out. He want to encourage students to pursue law. He also wanted them to understand that law affects everyday lives and a career in law can help both communities and people.

Junior Laravie, a Haskell student, was part of the group honoring Chaney with a song. Laravie said “I respect where he’s at and what he’s trying to do and the task force he’s trying to establish. That’s good. We need people like that in there that are validating our voice and giving strength to our people.” Laravie also said he thinks that “ultimately the solutions are going to have to come from us… where we come from and then here at Haskell.”

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