Athlete Recognition

Over the break, Haskell Indian Nations University student athlete Nakia Hendricks was recognized as the Association of Independent Institutions’ player of the week for the week of January 6. Hendricks’ previous weeks score and rebound high was against Northern New Mexico college with 16 points and 22 rebounds along with the win. Haskell also played Wilberforce University that week bringing Hendricks’ average for the week to 15.5 points and 14.5 rebounds.

Haskell Athletics also recognized both Antwon Winn and Justine Butterfield as individual Haskell Athletes of the Week. Winn is credited with leading the ”Fightin’ Indians” in points the previous week and contributing to Haskell’s win against Crowley’s Ridge College. Butterfield was recognized for her contributions on the field as well as her soon to be status of the first triple sport athlete Haskell has had since entering the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletes conference.

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