Signs of Trouble

Signs are going up all around campus, but that’s not all that’s catching peoples attention. Students and faculty have brought spelling errors found in the signs up to administrators showing concern for the image of the Haskell campus.

What started off as a discussion over Navarre Hall being labeled as an “adminstration” building, students have now also brought up that signs for important landmarks like the cemetery have also been misspelled. With these signs under a critical lens, critiques are now being made over the sign’s inconsistent inclusion of the word “Hall” for some buildings and not for others. For the time being, some signs are now being removed until they can be corrected.


  1. Good lord!! I never even noticed those misspellings during my time at Haskell. Great catch.

  2. As in all American society today, There is a lack of emphasis on proper spelling. Spell check and other ways of social communication i.e. LOL, and other transmissions corrode the use of actually knowing how to spell even in the elementary form.
    They don’t teach it anymore.

  3. Some words are spelled differently in the U.S.
    Cemetery in the north, Cemetary in the south.
    I’ve seen it spelled both ways and has nothing to do with Indeginous people.

    1. aya! You are right, this isn’t an Indigenous issue. Cemetery is a common misspelling regardless. My research showed cemetery as the only correct spelling when creating this article.

      The purpose of the article was to draw attention to sign misspellings on campus—more signs have been found and removed since the article. I wanted readers to ask questions I couldn’t give the answers to like: did faculty misspell the building list they gave to the contractor or was it negligence by the contractor that these signs were misspelled?

      This was one of my first articles and I appreciate the feedback. This is a learning institution and I feel like The Indian Leader has helped me learn a lot since I joined last semester. We, here at The Indian Leader value our readership and thank you for your time and engagement. mihši neewe. -Jared

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