Haskell GIS Team

Ian Gambill, a senior in the Environmental Science Program at Haskell Indian Nations University and proud Dine’ (Navajo), brought pride to the HINU campus with his poster on ‘Characterizing Hyporheic Extent Using Electrical Resistivity and Concentration Breakthrough Curves.’ Gambill won first place at the Great Plains/Rocky Mountains Division of American Association of Geographers Conference held at the Oread Hotel on the University of Kansas campus on October 12th, 2019.

Other HINU students also brought story maps to the event, alongside HINU GIS professor Dr. Stephanie Willis who presented on the value of story maps and explained how they are used to learn more about the history and the environment of places. A historic story map of the Haskell campus was presented by Janee Bates and Alyssiana Gonzales which followed the school through its years. Chebon Smith, Kathy Littlebull, Kayla Jackson, and Diamond Williams presented on the Haskell wetlands, which detailed the buying and selling of the wetlands area behind campus. Josiah Candelaria presented on daily food deals, stores, auto shops and more in the Lawrence area. Lastly, Cheyenne Sun Eagle, a HINU Alumni and University of Kansas graduate student, placed first in the student paper competition with her paper regarding the spatial and temporal patterns of land allotment on the Pawnee reservation.

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