Low Down on the Shut Down

Campus Dorms are about to shut down for winter break, and here is what you need to know:

  • You will need to check out by 12:00 pm on December 14th. This means following your dorm’s cleaning procedure and scheduling a walk-through with the dorm staff at least two hours before leaving.
  • Failure to follow the checkout procedure may result in fees! See dorm hall staff for a full list of procedures.
  • Returning students may preassign for their room using the form found at https://haskell. edu/housing/forms-housing/
  • Storage is available if you are pre-enrolled for the spring semester. You must pack and store possessions in the wardrobe or on the mattress frame. Students may provide an inventory of their items to staff for their check-out file. Rooms with winter storage will be marked for the staff.
  • If you plan on leaving your vehicle on campus, you will need to fill out a form with facilities. Contact Stephanie Fernando in Winnemucca Hall. You will park in the Coffin Sports Complex parking-lot facing Little Nations Academic Center. This lot will be blocked off till the start of the Spring Semester.

Questions and Answers with Ernie

Is winter storage provided to students who are changing dorms?

Students who will be changing dorm halls will need to contact staff in the new dorm hall to make storage arrangements. Roe Cloud, for example, has a secure room near the office you may use if you’ll be living there in the spring semester.

Can you stay on campus during the break?

It is against student housing policy to house students who are not in session. Accommodations are made for Basketball players whose season extends into winter break, and whose practice and games require them to be on campus. Students in the KU bridge program may pair with dorm staff to extend their checkout date to allow for finals that fall after the 14th. Accommodations are also made for student workers whose supervisors contact housing and demonstrate a need for the worker to be on campus during the break. Student workers must pay a fee to stay over the break.

What should students staying over the break know?

Students who are permitted to stay during the break will be moved to the third floor of Blalock Hall. Rooms with student’s winter storage will not be used. Curtis Hall will be closed, but a small staff will make meals for those staying in Blalock Hall.

For more information please reach out to your dorm staff or Ernest Wilson, Acting Supervisor.

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