Haskell Campus Clubs

United Pueblo Club

Wednesday 5pm

To set meeting to help members with school work, help coup with homesickness. As well as participate in pueblo events throughout the semester. In doing so, members will help fundraise for events, volunteer hours to the university and the community.

Alfred Willie III, alfred.willie@haskell.ed

Rhonda LeValdo, Media Communicaations, 785-749- 8442, rlevaldo@haskell.edu

Boxing club

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday 6:30

To learn fundemntals of boxing and to teach confience and self defense

London Summers, london24summers@gmail.com

Yosh Wagner, Trio ext. 405, mwagoner@haskell. edu

Phi Sigma Nu

Wednesday, Stidiam

Empower Native men to engage in academics, social, cultural and physical realms

Thomas Berryhill, Thomas.berryhill@haskell.edu

Joshua Arce, IT 749-8482 Ex 482, jarce@haskell.edu, Pontiac

Dine Club

Monday, Tommaney Hall (Library)

To explore the Dine roots of our ancestors and share our ideology to non-Dine and Dine students on and off campus. As a club we want to engage with on-going campus activities for exposure that leads our club and members opportunities

Autumn Powell, autumn.powell@haskell.edu

Manny King, Guidance Counselor 785-749-8447, Mking@haskell.edu, OK Hall, rm 2023

Gamma Delta Pi Sorority

Sunday, 7pm Roe cloud 1st floor study room

The purpose of Gamma Delta Pi is to create a sisterhood on campus which promotes Indigenous women to support each other socially and academically as well as to promote community involvement, community service and to represent Haskell as well as our own Native nations in a positive way.

Rissa A Garcia-Prudencio, rgprudencio@gmail.com

Danelle McKinney, Student Rights, 7857498415, dmckinney@haskell.edu, Pushmataha

AISES (American Indian Science and Engineer Society)

Sunday, Thursday Alternating locations between KU Engineer Building and Haskell Campus

To have American Indians network in STEM related fields, so they can prepare to have a successful future after Haskell.

Sasheen Goslin, sasheen.goslin@haskell.edu

Josh Arce, Josh Meisel, Information Technology, Geography, 749-8482 x482 , 393-8270 jarce@haskell.edu , jmeisel@ haskell.edu

Alpha Pi Omega Sorority, Inc.

Tuesday Roe Cloud Hall study room

The mission of Alpha Pi Omega Sorority, Inc. is to create a strong sisterhood that will serve as a support for college women in today’s society. The sisterhood shall support its members in their individual journeys towards a balanced life. The Alpha Pi Omega woman will always strive for greater scholarship, honesty, leadership, service, and personal integrity. The Sorority will work to preserve our Native American traditions, for through celebration and practice of our cultural and spiritual heritage, we become one with each other.

Jamie Colvin, jamiieekay@gmail.com

Rhonda LeValdo, College of Humanities, 749-8442 x442, rlevaldo@haskell.edu

Kansas National Education Association – Aspiring Educators (KNEA-AE)

Thursday Bi-Weekly, Parker Hall Rm 145

KNEA Aspiring Educators is a professional association for college students preparing to enter the education profession.Through its affiliation with KNEA, NEA and the NEA Student Program (NEA-SP), the KNEA-Aspiring Educators (KNEAAE) program provides college students with assistance, benefits, and professional resources. The association gives students the opportunity to learn – not only from each other – but also from a network of campus advisors and from the finest professionals in education.

Lorenzo Pino, lorenzopino55@gmail.com

Jacqueline Boyd, School of Education, (785) 832-6685, jboyd@haskell.edu, Parker Hall

American Indian Higher Education Consortium (AIHEC)

Friday, Stidham

Prepare students to participate and compete in the American Indian Higher Education Consortium’s Annual Student Conference. This purpose will be supported by the goals of building a financial, educational, and influential team of students whom will represent Haskell in the 2020 Student Conference.

Susan Hawkins, Susan.hawkins@haskell.edu

Joshua Arce, I.T. x482, jarce@haskell.edu, Poniac Hall

American Indian Healers of Tomorrow (AIHTx)

Wednesday, Roe Cloud study room/ Wiona Study room/ Library

Connect students to experiences and volunteer opportunities so that they can explore the healthcare field.

Sierra Pen, sierra.penn@haskell.edu

Patti Wakolee and Laura Rice, SSC- Student Success Center 749- 8404 x275, pwakolee@haskell.edu, Sequoyah

Hall Haskell Handweavers

Tuesday Tommaney Hall RM 111

Educate Students on indigenous textiles

Carrie Cornelius, ASC, 785-832- 6659, ccornelius@haskell.edu, Tommaney Hall RM 102

Jared Nally, jared.nally@haskell.edu

Pocahontas Hall

Monday 7:30pm

To promote responsibility, growth as a student leader and to create good fellowship among the residents.

Keairah Urrutia, keairah.urrutia@haskell.edu

Wonda Trujillo, Housing, 785-749-8465, wtrujillo@ haskell.edu, Pocahontas Hall

Sigma Nu Alpha Gamma

Monday 5pm

To provide a fraternal brotherhood of support and encouragement to ensure Native American men can achieve their higher education goals, such as graduating, pursuing their educations, and representing their communities in a positive manner.

Sam Riding In, samridingin@gmail.com

Jimmy Beason II, AIS, 785-832-6613 x613, jbeason@ haskell.edu, Parker Hall 127

Social Work

Wednesday 2:30 p.m.

To promote the social work profession through empowerment and advocacy of club members and the Haskell community.

Shanice Chatlin, shanice.chatlin@haskell.edu

Melissa Holder, Faculty, 785-832-6634, mholder@ haskell.edu, Sequoia 129

Haskell Pow-wow Association

Wednesday Tecumseh Gym, downstairs

Have a club to promote the songs and dancers of all the students who enjoy and want to participate in pow-wow’s.

Naomi Nevaquaya, naomi.nevaquaya@haskell.edu

Manny King, University Services, 749-8447 mking@haskell.edu, OK Hall, room 2023

Off Campus Club

Tuesday, Wednesday Approximately 4 to 6 Pm

Plan Student activities and community involvement

Damon Williams, damon.williams@haskell.edu

Carlene Morris, Financial Aid Office, 785-749-8468, c.morris@haskell.edu, Althea Eaton Mail Room

Haskell Worship

Monday, Stidham Union

To unify Haskell Students through fun, fellowship and food!

Priscilla Ortiz, priscilla.ortiz@haskell.edu

Raylene Hayes, NASS x611, raylene. hayes@bie.edu Sequoyah

Native Knights of Iron

Tuesday, Roe Cloud

To promote health and fitness through LARPING, as well as getting students involved with campus activities and to help promote a positive image. The other purpose of this goal is to provide a group where students can feel at ease with other students and interact in a stress-free environment.

Uriah Little Owl, ujello14@gmail.com

Tyler Kimbrell Communications, 7858326680, tkimbrell@haskell.edu, Ross Hall

Varsity Softball Club

Monday, Tinker Hall

To be the business end of the Varsity Softball program and to raise awareness and pride of the Haskell Softball program and to give all students the opportunity to participate in Haskell Softball.

Velma Turner, Velma.turner@haskell.edu

Gary Tanner, HSES, 7857498459 ex 233, Gtanner@ haskell.edu, Coffin Complex 102

Alaska Club

Friday, OK Hall

Connect Students from Alaska together and share Our Cultures and Songs

Armando DeAsis, armando.j.deasis@gmail.com

Darla Harrison, Housing, (785)830-2721, harrisondarla3@gmail.com, OK Hall

American Indigenous Business Leader

Monday, Blue Eagle 128.

Promote business leadership within Haskell.

Dreamer Greene, Dreamer.greene@gmail.com

Cheryl Chuckluck, Dean of Professional Schools, 7857498436, Cheryl.chuckluck@BIE.edu, Parker Hall

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