Haskell Cross Country

The Haskell cross country season conference meet is just around the corner. Coming to the race is rival College of the Ozarks as they seek to take away the title away from the reigning champions. Asking the Haskell runners if they are ready for conference and what needs to be fixed before entering the race, Max Tuckfield, junior, Inupiaq responded “yeah I think we’re ready. Coach believes in us. I think we need to keep on being disciplined and if we keep moving forward and visualizing then we can take first and bring some pride to our school and our ancestors.” Tuckfield’s response on what needs to be fixed as a team. “Just the budding heads when people have conflicting opinions about certain things we just need to take our nose to the grindstone and put our pride and ego to the side and to be there for each other.” 

On the women’s side Hannah Harvey, Junior, Navajo had responded: “yeah both teams are ready for conference, we have been training hard doing all the workouts and putting the work.” The problem that needs to be fixed before conference Harvey stated, “actually believing in one another and in the team. Just making sure that we are there for each other when we need to be, especially if they’re having an off day.” 

The conference meet will be held here at the Haskell Billy Mills trail on November 9, 2019.

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