The Haskell Tribal EcoAmbassadors would like to recognize the 20 Haskell students and faculty that helped clean the Haskell campus during our Haskell Campus Clean up event. Thank you. Trey Carmona, Dakota Pablo, Kyler Boyd, Jenna Makes Good, Nolan Berglund, Chebon Smith, Carrie Cornelius, Shanari Hopper, Kaleb Proctor, Rissa Garcia,Continue Reading

On a Friday night the movie of choice was a remake of the classic horror film “Evil Dead”. The whole lobby was filled for the hour and a half long movie. Everyone had attended had a very frightening, fun and pizza filled nightContinue Reading

Unfortunately, only one alumni showed for the volleyball game, so some students played with her instead. Everyone enjoyed themselves had fun, even shared some laughs. One of the main reasons why it was so fun was because for a few people it was their first time playing. They played aContinue Reading

A total of ten alumni women showed up to play and quickly split into teams. The ladies were laughing and having fun while running up and down the court. They had a friendly crowd to cheer them on; some even brought their families. An excellent game to watch which endedContinue Reading

Aquarius (Jan 20 – Feb 18) Life is teaching you lessons Aquarius. Accept them. Learn from them. It may seem difficult now, but this too shall pass. The rewards are given when earned. Keep your head up and know that success is yours as long as you keep going.   PiscesContinue Reading

Editor’s note: Please note that this autobiographical piece by one of our staff writers contains mature themes that involve mentions of depres- sion, suicide, racism, sub- stance abuse, nudity, prison, and sexual assault.. I was not trying to commit suicide, I just wanted to see if I could be hurt. Continue Reading