Haskell Clean-Up Day

EcoAmbassadors Event Table. Photo by Diamond Williams

The Haskell Tribal EcoAmbassadors would like to recognize the 20 Haskell students and faculty that helped clean the Haskell campus during our Haskell Campus Clean up event.

Thank you. Trey Carmona, Dakota Pablo, Kyler Boyd, Jenna Makes Good, Nolan Berglund, Chebon Smith, Carrie Cornelius, Shanari Hopper, Kaleb Proctor, Rissa Garcia, Cay Thompson, Alyssa Street, Tori Valdina, Naomi Nevaquaya, Janella Levi, Brenna Mora, Jesse Madalena, Jamie Colvin Majesta Roach, & Tristan Pocowatchit

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