Joker (Spoiler Free): Good Monster Movie Review

Release date: October 4, 2019

Directed by Todd Phillips

Runtime: 2 hours 2 minutes

Good Monster Grade: A

I went to see my psychiatrist today. It was not because of this movie, but I did see my shrink. I find that a little funny.

This movie is great! It is beautifully shot and written. The world created by Todd Phillips is unique and familiar in the same. Gotham City has never felt more depressed, rough, and real. I was immersed in this movie from start to finish. THIS MOVIE IS NOT FOR CHILDREN! (Although that is subjective). There is hardcore violence, adult language, and mature themes in this film. Itwas a fun time. The musical score, Joaquin Phoenix’s perfor- mance, and the blurring of the suspension of disbelief stood out to me the most. Although, there are many creative and technical accomplishments that make this movie worth seeing.

The music throughout the picture is the unsung hero. I am not even sure if it was music. It was more like dark, depressing, haunting melodies that played throughout. Even when other more popular music is playing, the ominous tones make their way in as if to always remind the audience that this is the origin story of a villain. As a monster with a heart of darkness, I appreciated that.

Joaquin Phoenix is a master. Every time his character, Arthur Fleck, is on screen he mesmerizes. I could see it in his eyes. This performance is definitely Oscar-worthy. Phoenix’s joker somehow manages to be different and GOOD. Whereas Heath Ledger’s portrayal of the clown prince was more of a terrorist, Jack Nicholson’s depiction of the agent of chaos was a gang- ster, and Jared Leto’s portrayal was….well…immature? Phoenix’s Joker is a psychopath. Make no mistake. This guy
is mentally disturbed and it’s wonderful.

As I watched this film, I found it hard not to feel like this, on some level, is somewhat like the reality in which we live in today. Gotham City is in a depression, crime is rampant, and people do not care about each anymore. Arthur Fleck’s struggle with mental illness is a familiar problem in American Society. The lack of sympathy he feels and the outlier tendencies he has are recognizable to anyone who has felt like a social outcast. In this depiction of Gotham, people are forgotten and fall through the cracks. The wealthy and those in control do not help those in need. It feels compassionless. I see parallels to the way our world runs. I appreciate this kind of art, for it is brave and can help us understand certain truths about our society, our world, and ourselves.

This movie will make you sad at first, mad in the middle, and laugh by the end. It can be either a tragedy or comedy depending on how you perceive it.

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This review contains explicit language and personal opinions. Reader discretion is advised.

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