Shirley LeClair-Bernal Shirley LeClair-Bernal is Shoshone- Bannock from Fort Hall, Idaho now living on campus at Haskell Indian Nations University. She will be graduating from the Environmental Science Program receiving her Bachelor of Science degree. She first arrived at Haskell in the Fall 2015 semester and received her As- sociateContinue Reading

Shirley David Jimerson Nts’aa diit’eh? Shindu’ iihsoo’ Shirley David Jimerson shoosii’ Teelaiy kootiin iileh’ Bedzey Hot- tanna/Naltsiin tssaan; haaishshah. This is how Shirley David Jimerson introduces herself, saying that she comes from the area known as Tetlin Alaska and came from the Caribou and Raven Clans. Shirley was a littleContinue Reading

On April 11, the Indian Leader published an article on the Haskell Alumni Association’s decision to select Russell Bradley as their “Outstanding Alumnus 2019” and his invitation to the Spring 2019 Commencement Ceremony. The Leader reported that Bradley, according to an article by MSC News, was dismissed from his positionContinue Reading