Mekko Film Review and Director highlight

Cast: Rod Rondeaux, Sarah Podemski, Zahn Mclarnon

Director: Sterlin Harjo

Mekko is a thriller and a must see, infused with Muskogee tradition and folklore mixed with modern street life. Mekko tells the tale of a man recently released from prison after 19 years. He finds camaraderie with a community of homeless natives living in Tulsa. We follow him through his journey on the street, as he struggles with his past and the spiritual elements that follow him.

Native Filmmaker Highlight

Sterlin Harjo is a Seminole and Muscogee filmmaker from Holdenville, Okla. He attended the University of Oklahoma where he majored in film and art. He is a founding member of the five member Native American comedy group, The 1491s.

He has directed three feature length films; Four Sheets to the Wind (2007), Barking Water (2009) and, Mekko (2014). In addition, he directed a feature length documentary This May Be the Last Time (2014) as well as other short films, projects, and a play.

In his films he shares his stories often set in Oklahoma and surrounded by his own Muscogee Creek and Seminole heritage, often narrated in the Mvskoke language.

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