Things to do at Haskell besides drugs and alcohol

Haskell Indian Nations University is often stereotyped as a “party school”. But there are many different options and activities you can do rather than going out and drinking.

Activities such as; working out at the Thorpe gym, learning a new skill, or finding new music are great ways to keep the mind occupied. Elias Her Many Horses, Haskell student, who is pursuing the Environmental Science degree states that he loves to go out to Tecumseh and play basketball with his friends. In addition he also enjoys drumming and Grass dancing. Her Many Horses stated that he knows when his friends partying may be getting out of hand, “it is when they stop coming to class and being as social.”

One of our head Resident Advisors; Jane Lanham (Seminole) knows that addiction and alcoholism has been prevalent throughout Native American history for generations. She suggests to get out of the dorm room and explore places like downtown Mass street which is filled with restaurants and other interesting places. She continued to say that even volunteering at homeless shelters would help. “It may sound boring, but if you think you’re in a bad situation seeing other people who are worse off really gives you a good perception on your own troubles.” Lanham is also on the hot pursuit of trying to get a theatre room and snack area in Roe Cloud hall.

Haskell University is a place for educating our youth and through that education, students may hopefully realize their full potential and break the cycle of addiction in their family and own personal lives.

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