Alcohol Awareness Presentations happening throughout February

Photo by Sean Parrish

ROE CLOUD HALL— Students gathered in the study hall for the first Alcohol Awareness presentation.

Hosted by Haskell’s Campus Housing Department they invited Lawrence Police Officer; Shawn Gross, who has worked for ten years with the Lawrence Police Department. Gross discussed topics like “How to Spot Alcohol Poisoning”, “Alcohol Related Laws”, “Minor in Possession of Alcohol”, “Furnishing Alcohol to a Minor”, and “Consuming in Public”. Gross stated “One of the reasons why I am here is to educate you guys about the laws and the effect alcohol can have on your future if you don’t drink responsibly. We can’t prevent every crime out there, but a DUI is preventable.” He ended in saying “Please, if you do consume alcohol, get a designated driver.”

Jane Lanham, Roe Clouds’ Residential Dorm Advisor, said “It’s important to have these seminars because the percentage of Native Americans becoming alcoholics are higher than any other ethnic groups. So if we become aware of how alcohol’s effects our people, we can take steps to decrease this percentage.” She ended in saying that if they could have a better understanding of the effects of alcohol maybe they can make better choices. But I believe it is going to take a lot more than the police department presenting a program about alcohol awareness” Student to student: If/When you drink, please be respectful of campus and make sure to throw away your empty cans and/or bottles.

We are all adults here, so nobody should expect other people to pick up after them. Ahe’hee’!

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