Washington Report

The office of the President along with Vice President, William Wilkinson, and I have just returned from attending tribal college week in Washington D.C.

We spent the week advocating for Haskell Indian Nation University along with the other 37 TCUs. Throughout the week we met with congressional leaders and discussed the importance of programs such as Strengthening Institutions, or Title III part F. Programs like these fund approximately $30 million, or half of TCU funding, and it expires this fiscal year.

The financial impact this has on our university is estimated at about $1.5 million dollars. In order to continue this funding it is essential to reach out to your state representatives and advocate to continue this funding and making it permanent.

We also addressed areas of improvement for our campus that include increase in security measure across campus, better security cameras, full time security staff, hiring more employees, building maintenance, and back log facility repairs. In these measures we’re looking to improve our campus by making it more autonomous. This would allow for more efficient hiring processes and more efficient management across campus.

We encourage our students to continue advocating on behalf of Haskell Indian Nations University as well as for the other phenomenal TCUs. I plan to have a list of states congressional leaders for distribution next week to assist our students on where to go to advocate for Strengthening Institutions as well as for our university.

Onward Haskell!

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