Student Senate Update

NAVARRE HALL—This past Thursday Student Senate held their biweekly General Assembly meetings located in the Regents Room.

The meeting started off with a prayer from newly elected Secretary; Caroline Wiseman (Inupiaq- Tribal village of White Mountain). Since there weren’t enough club representatives present to make quorum they did an overview of the Old Business and New Business.

Guest speakers from the KU Powwow & Indigenous Festival event committee; Melissa Peterson, Anthea Scouffas, and Jancita Warrington presented over the events happening April 5th-6th (full schedule TBA). In addition, they are looking for student volunteers to help with the event and to help set up a tipi that their First Nations Student Association (FNSA) recently purchased.

The meeting then proceeded with the resignation of now former Student Senate Sponsor; Jancita Warrington. Luckily, two Haskell employees; Laura Rice and Cleta La Brie stepped up for the vacant positions. Voting for them will occur next General Assembly meeting.

For more information on how to get involved with Student Senate contact your designated Class Representative.

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