Haskell Alumni rapper performs at Tecumseh

Photo by Sean Parrish

TECUMSEH HALL—Over 50 people gathered to watch rapper and Haskell alumni; Ro3 (Robert Ankney) perform this previous Monday night. The event was in collaboration with the Interfaith council, they did door prizes and served food/refreshments while Ankney performed songs off his upcoming EP. Ankney stated that “the EP will drop sometime at the end of March/beginning of April.” Ankney currently works for his tribe; Pawnee Nation, as a Methamphetamine & Suicide Prevention Specialist. Ankney graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration emphasis in Business Management in Fall 2017. He stated that he implements the knowledge he gained from Haskell into his music marketing. When asked about what his inspiration for creating music is Ankney states that “My inspiration for creating music began when I was 14. Growing up with a single mother and not having my father there was a tough situation for me. The only thing I really knew about my father was that he was an musician and through doing music it makes me feel like I have a relationship with him because I am able to make music the same way he did, just a different genre. Do you have any advice for people who want to pursue music? My advice to don’t be afraid to step out on your own and don’t feel like you have to rely on other people to advance yourself. Because in the end, all you will have is yourself.

Photo by Sean Parrish

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