‘Healing the Sacred’ spring ’19 plans

Haskell Indian Nations University (HINU) was awarded a three year grant in 2017 through the Office for Victims of Crime (OVC).  This grant is to Develop Future Victim Specialists for Indian Country. The grant allows Haskell Indian Nations University to create an advocate training curriculum program for participants.  HINU has used the grant to create Healing the Sacred (HtS) and currently has 10 student participants. A number of presenters from across Indian Country have come to campus to educate and share their knowledge during fall 2018.

The following are the people who are currently enrolled in HtS currently; Adrina Duran, Michelle Sherman, Sumer Al-Ahdali, Randy Nagitsy, Ileana Larkin, Kayla Bointy, Kristina Allison-Burbank, Calvin Smith, Shelby Herrod, Rayven Merrill.  This semester, the avenues we will be exploring will be Language Revitalization, the 7 Grandfather Teachings, working within tribal programs and expanding those programs, constructing strong and sustainable tribal prevention programs, grant writing, and Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women (MMIW).

The speaker schedule is currently being developed for spring 2019.  The classroom sessions will be opened for Haskell Students to hear the wealth of knowledge for victim advocacy.  It is vital that we bring in speakers, who are professionals in Indian Country, to assist us in navigating the complex world of advocacy.  Throughout spring 2019 we will be putting out flyers for presenters and will open up the application process for the fall 2019 cohort.

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