Indigenous Women Congressional Candidates Visit

By Tiffany Blevins

Tommaney Hall was visited by two Congressional Candidates on Sunday, Sept., 9.

Congressional candidates; Sharice Davids (Ho-chunk), Democatic primary winner for Kansas State Representative and Deb Haaland (Laguna-Pueblo), New Mexico 1st Congressional district Democratic winner. Davids and Haaland have the unique opportunity of becoming the First Indigenous Women in Congress. Their running marks a historical turning point for America and Indian Country.

Davids, Haskell University alumna, said “There is not one way to look like an American. There is not one way to be successful. There is not one way to be a change-maker”. Davids said she wants to be an elected official who is more concerned with listening to the people on policies rather than coming in with all of the answers.

Haaland, is a graduate from University of New Mexico Law School. She informed attendees that she wants to go to D.C. to help those who struggle in life.

When asked what advice they would give to Haskell students pursuing positions of leadership, both women answer was to get involved and to build a network. Davids jokingly said “Take naps as often as possible”

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