Students Respond to Former Housing Directors’ Arrest

Within every community there is a unique paradigm of trial and tribulation. The people that comprise the community build it up, setting the foundation for the next generation. Pillars of the community set the precedence for how we act and conduct ourselves. In this evolving tribal unit the hopes and dreams of a people are realized. This is the outcome many of us hope for when we finally settle ourselves into the lives that we live. The real world however, is a reality in which the truth permeates throughout history without a single second of hesitation.

It has now come to our attention that former Director of Housing Thomas Alan Spotted- Horse was arrested in Lawton, Oklahoma for alleged sex crimes against 2 young children. SpottedHorse, 61, retired in May of 2018 after serving Haskell for 27 years. Junior Jamie Colvin said “It is really upsetting for this figure, in our eyes, had to make those type of choices. It is really disappointing.” The severity of the allegations have shocked the community here at Haskell, but also in Lawton and Anadarko, where other Native communities have strong ties to Haskell.

Anonymous statement from a Haskell Alumni and former student worker

” I would like to address how LJWorld bashed Haskell. Never anything positive—only negative articles to write about our institution which is absolutely disheartening considering all  of the amazing students we have here. “

While this is certainly a terrible occurrence within the indigenous community, let us not forget the multitude of issues that we currently face.
Native women are at the forefront of the #MeToo movement raising awareness about violence against women. Our people are still fighting for equal rights and accurate representation. Our identity is still in the land that we live on, our history is still one of unparalleled adversity and undeniable resilience. The actions of one man shouldn’t tear our community apart, it should give us the solidarity to come and care for each other, to be there for the people that need it, to make good medicine and even summon justice for those that deserve it.

The expectations of his pending trial remain to be seen, but the community here will be watching and informed.

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