Words of Wisdom From our Bachelor Graduates

By Kayla Bointy
As the Spring Semester of 2018 is winding down, classes are done, and we power through finals. We will soon bid adieu to the Graduating Class of 2018. Let’s hear from some familiar faces we will miss seeing. Soon to be proud Haskell Alumni, Indian leader interviewed a select few on their words of nostalgia and hope for the future.
1.) Please state your name tribe and degree.
2.) What has been your most memorable experience at Haskell?
3.) Moving forward what are your goals?
4.) How has Haskell prepared you for your next step?
5.) How do you Define success?
6.) If you could change anything about your time at HINU what would it be?
7.) Any Words of wisdom for your fellow peers or freshman?

Warren Griffin Jr
Warren E. Griffin Jr., Yup’ik from Boston Mass., graduating senior with the IAIS degree
The most memorable experience at Haskell has been kickin’ it with my Phi Sigma Nu Brothers!
I plan on working with Native youth in Boston after completing my education here at Haskell. I have a strong passion with working with youth and helping them achieve their educational goals.
Haskell has prepared me by challenging me to think about what is means to be an educated Native man, I must express sovereignty and attempt to decolonize education for future generations.
I define success by obtaining goals set out for yourself and being happy with those goals
If I could change one thing about HINU, is having more elders on campus for us to interact with.
Words of wisdom for the freshmen is to SHOW UP TO ALL YOUR CLASSES, because that will set up a positive cycle in your classes…when you show up to class, you will have to do the homework and readings, when you do your homework and readings for class, you want to show up to class.
Alista Thorne
Alista J Thorne San Carlos Apache Tribe, Arizona
My most memorable experience at Haskell was winning Miss Haskell 2014-2015 because I was the first freshman to win, I was up against great competition, and given the opportunity to represent not only my tribe but all the tribes that attended Haskell. Before I stepped off the stage as Miss Haskell, after being crowned, the news had already traveled home and across Indian country… it showed me the networking behind “Haskell’s Name”.
Moving forward from Haskell I’d like to enjoy time to myself for at least a semester then apply to grad school for my passion in Communication Studies
Haskell has given me many opportunities but Most of all it has shown me to cherish every person who leaves a mark in your life because there are so many people from my home and here at Haskell that have made a positive impact on my life some of which aren’t in this world anymore.
Success is the idea of getting to a state of being content, Happy, and fulfilled in whatever endeavors you conquered.
If I could change anything about my time at Haskell it would be to take every single opportunity placed in my path…apply for scholarship, apply to be a student ambassador EVERY semester, play every intermural sport, etc.
As Native American people it is up to us to change or establish the image non-native Americans see, it is our place to educate those who are ignorant, and make movements to show we are here, we are strong, and we will remain ✊

Jeremy Attocknie
Jeremy Attocknie: Muscogee creek, Graduating senior with a Bachelor’s in Business.
Most memorable experience was working on the haunted house.
I plan to work and then continue on with more school, either Master’s degree or culinary school.
I define success as Achieving the steps toward your main goal.
I wish I was a little more involved on campus during my first semesters.
Words of wisdom, Don’t let that procrastinating bug get to you and remember to keep up with you class work.

Congratulations to the Graduates! Please remember you are now Proud Haskell Alumni and always a part of the Haskell Family. We wish you the best on your future endeavors.

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